The Most Beautiful Tourist Places – Our own country, Indonesia is rich in nature and will never run out to be explored. There are so many hidden gems or hidden tourist paradises in Indonesia that are waiting to be visited. Why are you vacationing all the way abroad if in our beloved country itself there are still many tourist destinations that are still untouched and we must visit? In fact, Indonesia, which has a million natural resources, does indeed have many unspoiled tourist destinations like a hidden paradise, you know.

As native Indonesian travelers, it is natural for us to appreciate the natural wealth by visiting these unspoiled Indonesian tourist attractions to satisfy our adventurous spirit.

In fact, it is often encountered by Indonesians who often travel abroad or even around the world but have never been to tourist attractions in Indonesia, even as simple and famous as tJogja for example. For those of you with a high enough traveling intensity, you may not know the tourism potentials that are spread across the archipelago, such as tourist attractions in East Java.

Beautiful Hidden Tourism in Indonesia

1. Red Island Beach
Don’t get me wrong, it turns out that Banyuwangi has natural beauty with beautiful panoramas in the form of beaches that are still clear and surrounded by green mountains. Surely this combination makes you not want to quickly move from this hidden paradise of the archipelago.

Red Island Beach which has its own characteristics with there is a small hill with red soil in the middle of the beach that you can visit on foot when the sea water is receding. This unspoiled Indonesian tourist attraction is located in Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran District and offers unbeatable beautiful views, especially at sunset.

You will be treated to a reddish orange glow from behind the hill. This hidden paradise of Indonesia is suitable for those of you who want to aim for the most beautiful sunset photos.

2. Ijen Crater, East Java
Although recently this Indonesian tourist attraction has become popular, initially the existence of Ijen Crater is not as famous as the White Crater or other mountains in Indonesia.

You don’t have to go all the way to Iceland to be able to see the blue fire phenomenon, because you can see this rare phenomenon directly at Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi. In this Indonesian tourist destination that is rarely known by people, you can see the activities of sulfur miners during the day and enjoy the beautiful blue fire at night.

3. Senggigi Beach
Lombok is indeed widely used as a holiday target, because of the scenery and atmosphere that makes you feel at home to linger there. When you visit Lombok, make sure you set foot on this one beach. When you come to Senggigi beach, get ready to witness the extraordinary beautiful panorama that is exposed before your eyes, in the form of views of the long coastline plus the color gradation of the beach sand from black to white. Cool, right?

For you beach lovers, you will not regret coming to this hidden paradise. The waves are not too big, the water is clear and clean is the reason why you have to come here.

4. Lake Gunung Tujuh, Jambi
Lake Gunung Tujuh located in Kerinci, Jambi is the highest lake in Southeast Asia. This lake is called Gunung Tujuh because it is surrounded by seven mountain peaks around it. This rarely known Indonesian tourist destination is included in the Kerinci Seblat National Park area, precisely at the top of Mount Tujuh, so it takes effort to get to this lake.

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However, behind the difficulty of reaching this hidden tourist spot, the scenery it offers is so beautiful and worth it. In one corner of this Indonesian tourist area, there is a stretch of sand like a beach which is often used as a camping site.

5. Soda Water Baths, North Sumatra
Sounds weird? Don’t worry, you didn’t read it wrong, the name of a tourist spot in Indonesia that people rarely know is the Soda Water Bath. This tourist destination in Indonesia is located in Tarutung, North Sumatra and is the only sparkling water pool in Indonesia.

The name is soda water pool because there are many bubbles that come from inside the pool and its shape resembles soda. Now, this soda water bath is crowded with tourists. Interested in stopping by?

6. Meru Betiri
One more tourist spot that is not widely known in Banyuwangi, East Java is Meru Betiri, the most stunning tropical forest on the island of Java with a variety of mangrove ecosystems, swamp forests, and lowland rain forests.

In Indonesia’s hidden paradise, Toppers can find a variety of rare plants such as rengas, bendo, fire, raflesia and others. You can also find wild animals here! Starting from flying red tailed squirrels, leopards, turtles, turtles, and black beetles.

The natural beauty does not end here Toppers, you will also be treated to the beautiful Sukamade beach, Rajegwesi beach and Green Bay. So, you can be satisfied exploring various unspoiled places when visiting here Toppers.

Here are a few tips, for those who are interested in visiting Meru Betiri, you should come during the dry season. Avoid coming during the rainy season because the access road is often flooded.

7. Kiluan Bay
It seems, Lampung must also be the target of your next vacation, Toppers. Moreover, here is Kiluan Bay, Indonesia’s hidden paradise which is famous for its many dolphins and whales.

In fact, here Toppers can also watch the attractions of dolphins on the high seas. Not only that, Kiluan Bay also presents a beautiful view with blue water and clean white sand. For those who have a hobby of fishing, every year a fishing competition is held here which is participated by reliable anglers from all over Indonesia.

8. Jomblang Cave
Train your adventurous spirit by visiting Jomblang Cave, located in Yogyakarta. Arriving at Goa Jomblang, Toppers will be spoiled with views of ancient forests and underground rivers. However, to get into it, it takes quite a lot of guts. Because this 60 meter high cave has quite a challenging terrain. So to be able to reach the bottom of the cave, Toppers must be accompanied by experienced cave explorers and don’t forget to also wear safety equipment such as boots, helmets, and headlamps.