5 of the Most Exotic Tourist Attractions in Bandung Raya –¬†Waterfall aka curug is the most favorite water tourist spot, because it offers natural scenery that spoils the eye as well as a cool atmosphere that makes us feel at home in its place. Waterfalls can also be artificial or formed from an environment that is often treated to a mesmerizing atmosphere.

But related to waterfalls, you don’t know that Indonesia has many beautiful waterfalls, one of which is in the Bandung Raya area, West Java. There is no doubt that the city of Bandung in some cool areas also has exotic waterfall tours. Want to know what they are?

1. Maribaya waterfall

Curug Maribaya is a popular waterfall tourist spot in the city of Bandung. There you will be presented with a beautiful and cool nature, as well as a natural atmosphere that is so exotic. What’s interesting is, there you will find a bridge that crosses the waterfall so you can see the beautiful waterfall from above.

In addition to enjoying nature alone, around the Maribaya waterfall also provides public facilities for visitors who come. Starting from hotels, cafes, to restaurants, then the entrance ticket is around 35,000 – 45,000 rupiah.

2. Curug Intake

The Aseupan waterfall is equally beautiful, you know among other waterfall. It has the most interesting charm to visit because the natural area is so instagenic and you can enjoy seeing the stunning natural stone walls around there. So it is very suitable to be a fun aesthetic selfie spot, basically for those of you who like photos, you must come here.

Not only suitable for photo spots, it also offers a place for water activity lovers, the point is that it is very charming to visit. So, for those of you who are local tourists, you can visit Curug Aseupan which is located in Cihanjuang Rahayu, Kec. Parongpong, West Bandung Regency, and here it is open 24 hours, you know.

3. Curug Pengantin

In addition to its exotic natural beauty, Curug Pengantin is often considered a waterfall tourist spot filled with mysteries. Myth says there is a tragic story behind the waterfall and sometimes being fondled by the ghost of a terrible woman. However, local tourists do not bother with this chemistry and most importantly enjoy the charm of the beautiful waterfall.

This bridal waterfall is still located in the West Bandung Regency area and precisely on Cihanjuang Street. And you must explore this waterfall because otherwise you will definitely regret it.

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4. Curug Tilu Leuwi Opat

Curug Tilu Leuwi Opat is still in the same area as the Aseupan waterfall, namely in the Parongpong area. This waterfall has the natural charm of a waterfall that is undoubtedly because of its beautiful place with rock walls that dangles upwards when we walk along the corners of the waterfall, while enjoying the water that is quite heavy, but don’t forget to use anti-wet equipment, yeah.

Here also provides outbound tours so you can feel a tense and at the same time charming sensation because of the atmosphere.

5. Curug Malela

Curug Malela is a waterfall tourist destination which is full of exotic with lush plants so that it offers a beautiful and beautiful nature. Having waterfall points around it, that’s why Curug Malela is often nicknamed The Little Niagara from Indonesia. Anyway, this Malela waterfall is indeed famous for all its beauty.

So, you local tourists must visit the waterfall which is located in Manglid Village, Cicadas Village, Rongga District, West Bandung Regency. You will definitely be amazed by its extraordinary beauty.…