THIS IS THE CRITERIA OF PEOPLE WHO CAN TRAVEL The Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 issued Circular Letter (SE) Number 4 of 2020 regarding Criteria for Restricting People’s Travel in the Context of Accelerating Handling of Covid-19.

The Head of the Task Force, Doni Monardo, said a circular letter was issued to provide exceptions for people who still have to travel (mobilize) in the midst of the pandemic. Given, many have experienced difficulties during the PSBB. “The SE that we have published is motivated by a number of problems in several regions. For example, delays in the acceleration of handling COVID-19 and health services. Then, the difficulty of sending medical devices and also the limited mobility of medical personnel,” said Doni in a virtual press conference, Wednesday (6/5).

Travel restriction criteria apply to the movement of people from national borders and/or administrative boundaries. Either by private vehicle or public transportation. This relaxation provides an exception for interested parties to be allowed to travel.

For example, parties related to the handling of COVID-19. Including, state civil apparatus (ASN), TNI/Polri, employees of BUMN, business institutions and NGOs. “There are also exceptions for people who experience calamities and misfortunes, as well as families who are seriously ill. Likewise, the repatriation of migrant workers from Indonesia, Indonesian citizens, students and students who return to the country, “said Doni.

The conditions that must be met in order to be able to travel, which must have a letter of permission from the employer, at least equivalent to echelon II, or from the head of the office. Then for entrepreneurs related to handling COVID-19 but do not have an agency, a self-declaration letter is required. The letter is signed on a stamp duty, and must be known to the village head or local lurah. In addition, there must be a health certificate obtained from a doctor at a hospital, health center, or clinic in the area. This letter was issued after a series of health checks, including PCR and rapid tests. “This activity must continue with strict health protocols. Such as wearing a mask, keeping a distance, maintaining hand hygiene and not touching certain parts of the face. As well as their departure, they must show proof of return and go tickets,” he concluded. The circular is valid from May 6 to May 31, and can be extended as needed.(OL-11)