5 Very Magnificent Libraries are a Must-Visit – Libraries generally consist of bookshelves that are lined up and neatly arranged. There is nothing special about libraries, because most libraries have ordinary building designs.

But that doesn’t apply to the following libraries, you know. Having a building that is magnificent and different from libraries in general, this is a variety of magnificent libraries in the world that are very worthy of a traveler to stop by.

1. Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading, Brazil

The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading or in Portuguese called Real Gabinete Portuguêse de Leitura is a library as well as a cultural institution located on Luis de Camões Street, in the center of Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Founded on 14 May 1837, the Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading has a collection of 350,000 books. The library, which opened to the public in 1900, was selected as the 4th most beautiful library in the world by Time Magazine in July 2014.

The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading has quite a grand building and an interior that follows the old style but has artistic value. The wooden bookshelves and the ceiling in the reading room have an exquisite chandelier, which is said to be the first example of Brazilian architectural style.

2. Stuttgart Library, Germany

Stuttgart Library is a public library in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. This library is managed by the cultural department with a very magnificent building.

Designed like a cube with the dominating white interior. In addition, in 2013 the Stuttgart Library received a national award as Library of the Year.

3. Tianjin Binhai Library, China

Tianjin Binhai Library or known as ‘The Eye’ is a library in Tianjin, China and was founded in 2017. It is nicknamed ‘The Eye’ because the library’s building is in the shape of a ball that looks like an iris, especially when viewed from outside the building.

This five-level library has a very large space. There is a multi-storey bookcase that can accommodate 1.2 million books and an auditorium with a capacity of 100 people. Not only that, there is also a reading room, computer room, meeting room, and even a lounge area. Can you imagine how grand this library is?

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4. Munich’s Municipal Law Library, Germany

Munich’s Municipal Law Library is a library in the city of Munich, precisely located in Neues Rathaus, The New Home Town, Germany. This library is open to the public which was built between 1867 and 1908 by Georg von Hauberrisser with a Gothic Revival architectural style.

There is a spiral staircase in this library with a design made like a vine like a leaf and a lamp with a similar motif, giving the impression of a plant growing directly from the wall. If you are planning to visit Germany, especially the city of Munich, don’t miss visiting this one place, huh!

5. Starfield Library, South Korea

Come to the land of Ginseng, which is South Korea, maybe it’s already on your bucket list. One of the places you can stop there is the Starfield Library at the COEX Mall.

Yes, being in the center of Seoul city mall, Starfield Library is open to public where visitors can freely enjoy their time reading books.

Various types of books are offered in this library, such as books on humanities and economics. In addition, there are nearly 600 local and foreign magazines that can be explored at the Starfield Library.…