5 Unique Tourist Spots in Zaanse Schans Holland – A vacation to the Land of Windmills is certainly less effective if you don’t visit the windmill itself. Many choices of locations to experience this molen. One of them is Zaanse Schans, a small village in the Zaandam region, in the north of the Netherlands.

You will be taken to look back on life in Holland in the 17th and 18th centuries. Here there are old authentic Dutch houses, windmills, tin goods factories, milk and cheese factories, bakeries, klompen factories, weaving factories and others.

You can take the train from Amsterdam Centraal Station and arrive at Koog-Zaandijk Station in 15 minutes, then continue walking for about 10 minutes.

What’s in Zaanse Schans?

1. Windmill

Of course molen or windmills are the main attractions that tourists want to enjoy. There are open water windmills that are photo objects and are free to explore for free and there are also those who have to pay an entrance fee to witness the various work processes in the windmill building.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Zaan area was an important industrial area in the Netherlands. Hundreds of windmills operate to produce linseed oil, paint, snuff, mustard, paper and a variety of other products. Typical country houses are now museums, gift shops or workshops.

Some windmills remain in use for the wood-making process, while others are a cultural heritage.

2. Klompen Museum

The full name is Kooijman Souvenirs & Clogs Wooden Shoe Workshop. The Klompen Museum exhibits various klompen, or typical Dutch wooden sandals, both antiques from all over the Netherlands or those from other countries such as Japan. The full history of klompen can be read on the wall.

You can also watch the clompen making directly. With modern techniques it only took a few minutes to make, while in the past it took more than 4 hours. There is also a souvenir shop here that sells various klompen and various knick-knacks typical of this Tulip country.

3. Zaans Museum and Verkade Experience

The story of everyday life in the Zaan region for centuries seems to come back here. Zaan is one of the oldest industrial estates in Europe. Right in the middle of the museum, is the Verkade Experience. You will be transported back in time to see a chocolate and biscuit factory in the early 20th century. The original engine is still spinning and reliving the history of Verkade, the Dutch biscuit.

In 1871, the famous French painter Claude Monet visited the Zaan region. He was so amazed by the unique landscape of this region that he painted up to 25 paintings. At the Zaans Museum you can see his work.

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4. Clock Museum

The Zaanse Tijd Museum or Time Museum contains the history of watchmaking from the Dutch Golden Era to the 20th century. It takes special skills to create these various timers, which have the character of past Zaan territories such as windmills or whaling scenes.

5. Albert Heijn Museum

Albert Heijn is the most famous supermarket in the Netherlands. First established in Zaan in 1887, the grocery store is now a museum, complete with original furniture and knick-knacks.…