Error in Booking Hotel – In this day and age, hotel booking has become easier. Assisted by reviews of hotel guests who have stayed before, the more convincing. Staying at a hotel is now a popular activity, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Usually, hotels are chosen to relieve fatigue and spend the weekend.

However, mistakes in booking hotels also often occur due to lack of thoroughness. Small mistakes when booking a hotel can have a big impact on your stay.

1. Too much focus on low prices
For backpackers or budget travelers, choosing accommodation with the cheapest price is indeed one thing that must be done. But because of that they sometimes forget about other things, such as the location and facilities offered by the hotel.

Don’t let it go for a cheap price, you even stay at a hotel that is located in a remote and not strategic location. This will actually make you have to spend extra budget for transportation costs.

2. Not checking prices directly to the hotel in question.

Before booking a hotel at an online travel agent, there’s nothing wrong with calling or looking at the hotel’s website directly. Because some hotels, especially hotel groups, have special promo offers within a certain period of time.

Booking a hotel directly can also reduce the cost of booking services through third parties charged to consumers. So don’t hesitate to call the hotel you want to book.

3. Completely trust the booking site
Back again, calling the hotel you want to stay is not a bad thing. By asking directly, you can make sure the various facilities do look like in the photos shown. Guests can also request special facilities such as double beds, extra beds and fees charged, connecting rooms, or rooms with certain views by telephone directly to the hotel.

4. Focus on hotel facilities, not location
If you are the type of guest who wants a staycation or vacation to enjoy the hotel, this is actually legal. However, if you are staying because of business or work needs, make sure to focus on location, not hotel properties or facilities.

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5. Not choosing a booking with cancellation compensation
Online travel agents usually provide two price options for hotel rooms. First it’s cheaper because hotel bookings are non-refundable if cancelled, secondly a bit more expensive because there is a refund guarantee if cancelled. The average person is tempted by a cheaper price, even though there is nothing wrong with booking a room with a money back guarantee. Especially if you are on vacation in a bad season, the visa has not been issued, the plane ticket has not been obtained, or other uncertain plans.

6. Skip the customer member program
To register as a customer member at the hotel is very easy and does not require a fee. If you become a customer member there are many benefits, such as discounts, free meals or certain drinks, to more access than regular guests. So there’s nothing wrong with signing up for the hotel’s customer member program.

7. Lazy to compare prices
As you know, currently there are many travel agents who offer attractive prices if you make a hotel reservation on their website. Now, because there are so many choices, you have to spend a little time comparing the prices on one website with another.

Sometimes many travelers feel lazy to do this. Even though it could be on other websites that the prices offered are even cheaper, for the same lodging. But one thing you have to remember, don’t be tempted by cheap prices from unclear websites.

8. Lazy to read existing reviews
Now, the fifth mistake that travelers often make when making hotel reservations is being lazy to read reviews from previous visitors. Many people feel that reading reviews is very boring and just a waste of time.

Even though reading reviews from previous visitors is very important. That way you know what the actual condition of the hotel is like. Because sometimes what is written well on the website, is not necessarily in accordance with the actual conditions.

So, those are the mistakes that travelers often make when booking hotels. To get a comfortable and safe stay during your vacation, don’t make the mistakes above when booking a hotel. Happy Holidays!