Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Papua – Indonesia has a lot of great places that can make you happy together with family and even friends. If you are looking for an interesting tourist spot with a beautiful panorama and beautiful atmosphere, West Papua can be the right answer. There, travelers can visit several exciting attractions that are suitable to be visited during holidays. What are those? The following are stunning tourist destinations in West Papua that tourists should try during their vacation. Please read, bro!

1. Mansinam Island

One of the tours that you must visit is Mansinam Island, which is located in Manokwari Regency, West Papua. This island has a variety of natural and historical tourist destinations that attract the attention of visitors.
One of the most popular tourist attractions is the giant white Jesus Statue Monument. The monument has become a symbol or symbol of history in Papua. It is said that the Statue of Jesus on Mansinam Island is similar to the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
In addition to the statue, Mansinam Island also has a beach that is so beautiful with fine white sand as a complement. You can relax and take selfies with friends and family when you later visit this island.

2. Arfak Mountains

The next tour that can be chosen is the Arfak Mountains which is located on the shores of Lake Anggi Giji, West Papua. These mountains are a group of mountains that have a height of between 15 meters to 2,950 meters above sea level.
In the Arfak Mountains area, there are about 110 species of mammals with 44 species recorded. In addition, there are 320 species of aves, of which five are endemic to the Arfak – Tambrauw Mountains area, such as Cendrawasih Arfak (Astrapia Nigra), West Parotia (Parotia Sefilata), and Namdur Polos (Amblyornis Inomatus).

There are also many other tourist destinations that are close to these mountains and also attract the attention of tourists, two of which are Lake Anggi Giji and Lake Anggi Gida. It is located next to each other and only separated by hills. The two lakes have beautiful and stunning panoramas, so you shouldn’t miss them, right!

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3. Raja Ampat

Who does not know with this one tour? Popular tourism in West Papua, which has stunning natural beauty. The open sea with beautiful islands that are there, presents a cool and calm atmosphere.
In general, Raja Ampat is an archipelago consisting of many coral islands that are widely spread throughout its territory. However, there are four main islands that are the largest, namely Waigeo Island, Batanta Island, Salawati Island, and Misool Island. Of the four islands save a variety of natural beauty, especially under the sea. So, many say that Raja Ampat has the most beautiful underwater paradise in the world.
Not only that, Raja Ampat also has a row of beautiful beaches scattered throughout the Raja Ampat Islands. These beaches are equipped with white sand, as well as rows of shady trees that provide coolness to the visitors.
In addition to tourism, Raja Ampat also stores a variety of arts and culture that are very unique and interesting. Starting from traditional dances, traditional food, to woven crafts that have been passed down from generation to generation.

4. Archaeological Site of Tapurarang

Then, another tourist destination that can be used as an option to visit is the Tapurarang Archaeological Site located in Kokas, Fakfak Regency, West Papua. This Tapurarang site is a unique painting and has a deep meaning. The motifs found on this site include palms, eyes, soles of feet, dolphins, lizards, plants, leaves, human faces, and boomerangs.
For local people, the location of this cliff painting is a sacred place. They believe, this painting is a form of people who are cursed by the spirit of a grandmother who is believed to be the most terrifying ruler of the ocean. In addition, at the location of this cliff painting, you can also see human bone skeletons which are believed to be ancestral skeletons.